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The famous Italian Commedia dell’Arte born by companies of actors and, unlike the court theatre, it was taken on tour. Commedia dell’Arte was built around a number of characters who have never changed. Each character had a mask peculiar to that character, an integral part of the production. The characters were, and still are, immediately recognizable even though their personalities and costumes might develop and change. The most known characters are the old Venetian merchant Pantalone, the poor servants Arlecchino and Pulcinella, the doctor Balanzone, and the brave Capitano and Scaramuccia.

Commedia dell’Arte masks left the mouth and lower face exposed to allow the expression of the actors’ mouths to be seen. Originally the masks were made of leather and, in order for each actor’s mask to fit snugly and comfortably, a mould was made on his face.

Nowadays we continue to make our mask for theatre in leather, as well as in papier-mâché.
You can also find the most famous character among the marionettes we made.

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